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02 September 2006 @ 11:36 am
Tutorial 01: Angie Harmon  



I started with this picture, first I cropped the area that I wanted to use, then resized it to 100x100. I made sure to crop it off-center and leave background space on one side.

Duplicate the base and set it to Screen at 46%.

Add a new layer and fill it with #001b70 . Set it to Soft Light, 100%.

It now looks like this:

I love what it does to her hair just like it is, but it needs a little more.

I took this light texture made by scrapbookart

...rotated it to the left once:

...and flipped it:

Next, go to Adjust -> Blur -> Motion Blur and use these settings:

Depending on where the main focus in your icon is positioned, you can play around with the angle so that most of the color will be in the background.

Now, take your blurred light texture, paste it as a new layer (after the blue soft light layer), and set it to Screen at 100%.

There's way too much blue light over her face so I erased what was covering her face and hair.

I don't have a picture to illustrate before and after (oops), but to help get the above result, I took the soften brush at 60% opacity where the light texture layer and base layer meet and softened it on both layers. Don't soften it too much or it will just be blurry.

You can stop here, but I wanted to add some text. I couldn't find a font that I liked, so I just opted for tiny text.

I used these tiny text brushes made by wonderland__.
and . I kept them black and positioned them so they were visible but not overwhelming.

That's it!

I also went from to with the same technique. There was just one small difference.

The background on the base picture isn't dark enough. When I added the light texture, it ended up looking like this:

I wanted it to be darker, so I added a layer under the blue soft light layer, filled it with black, and set it to Overlay. I erased everything that covered her face and hair. Just as before, I softened the edges.

I came out with this:

Valliegurl: Modelvalliegurl on September 3rd, 2006 12:29 am (UTC)
nice tut! :D
Lindsey: Jesse - made by xthe_remedyxdreamwalkin on September 3rd, 2006 12:52 am (UTC)
Thank ya :D